About Peter

In 2005 Peter entered the Fitness world as a personal training client, where he found his passion for fitness industry
and healthy living. In 2008 he joined the YMCA of Central Massachusetts as a Fitness Instructor and two years later attained
his ACE ( American Council of Excercise ) certification turning his passion into a career as a Personal Trainer.

Peter enjoys showing his clients just how fitness and healthy living can make you feel good and how it can improve your
activity level for years to come. He also enjoys educating his clients about the science of fitness and how to regain strength
lost from the aging process and how to lose weight properly.

In 2015 after successfully training clients of all ages in Massachusetts, Peter decided to make the move to Sarasota Fla,
Peter now works part time at the Sarasota YMCA and also has his own private studio for private 1 on 1 training sessions.

Peter likes to maintain an active lifestyle,one of his new passions that he started 5 years ago is paddleboarding which
led to him getting certified as a Paddlefit Core Coach. With this certification Peter is able to take people out on the water
and teach proper paddling strokes and safety on the water and also to teach certain excercises and yoga moves on the
paddleboard. Also in the last 2 years Peter has joined in on the growing sport of Paddleboard racing! He’s participated
in races up and down the east coast.

To get in touch with Peter and start your journey to a better YOU!!!

Call or Text 508-667-4844 or Email: pwright4844@hotmail.com

American Council of Excercise (ACE) 2010- Present
LROME Limited Range of Motion
Excercise 2013-Present
Brains and Balance Past 60
Specialist 2014-Present
Paddlefit Core Coach 2015-Present

I’m a certified personal trainer and also certified as a paddleboard yoga instructor.  If you think I can help, please call me, 508-667-4844.