In 2005 I entered the fitness world as a personal training client. I found a passion for physical fitness and healthy living. In 2008 I joined the YMCA of Central Massachusetts as an instructor and two years later attained ACE ( American Council of Excercise ) certification, turning my passion into a career as a Personal Trainer,

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My Certifications
American Council of Excercise (ACE)
2010- Present

LROME Limited Range of Motion Excercise

Brains and Balance Past 60 Specialist

Paddlefit Core Certified Coach

Paddlefit Core Coach
While vacationing in Florida years ago I developed an affinity for paddleboarding .  When I retired and opted to move to Florida, I added a Paddlefit Core Certified Coach certification as an additional tool in engaging my clients in meeting their fitness goals...
American Council of Excercise - ACE
A few years back I decided that I need to take my health health more seriously than I had been, and I joined the YMCA. From there I got hired by the Y while I was undertaking my certification and found that I was pretty good as a personal trainer.  While there I developed a philosophy and style that has allowed me to retire early and take up a fitness lifestyle and train others to do the same.  I love what I do and would love to work with You!